The story of The New Forest Portrait Booth (scroll down for the contact form).

The New Forest Portrait Booth is the creation of Dorset and New Forest wedding photographer, me, Jerry Fenner and my wife Barbara!

For a long time, I really didn’t get photo booths. After all, I’d spend my time creating beautiful photographs during the day, and then the booth operator turned up in the evening and everyone was posing pulling funny faces and being silly! Didn’t get it, sorry.

But then my friend had a booth for her 40th, and I wasn’t taking photographs, I was a guest, and then I got it!

The booth wasn’t about beautiful photos, just fun and entertainment.

So I started to look around to add a photo booth to my services but I just couldn’t find the one!

You know when you’re looking for something, and you can’t define exactly what it is but you know when you see it – well that was me looking for a photo booth!

And when I saw this one, it was love at first sight. It was the right one! Most expensive one on the market of course!

Photographically great, powered by a top camera inside the cabinet, a top of the range printer, and the gorgeous beauty dish on top – yes really, that’s what it’s called –  the beauty dish. We use them in portraiture all the time.

So this booth, called the Original was designed by a wedding photographer who wanted a photo booth but didn’t like anything he found. After much development, he came up with this, and it’s handmade in Yorkshire by furniture makers and it looks stunning!

OK, enough about the booth.

So behind the booth is me, Jerry and when I’m not out with the booth or my cameras I’m living the life I dreamed about when I was a little boy. In the summer of 2017, I moved to the right side of the cattle grids and live in the New Forest, with my partner, now wife, Barbara, who you might meet taking care of your guest book.

We have a dog Beanz, a beautiful cat Venus and five lovely hens, Cuckoo, Tallulah, Victoria, Rosie and Roxy.

We love



Nights in front of the wood burner

Doing the best for our wonderful clients

Delicious fresh eggs

Music, especially live

The purring of contented cats

The crystal dark skies away from the street lights

The ponies at the gate

The warm air of summer

The cooing of the collared doves

Martha Tilston

Wonderful ales

Studland Beach, the best beach in England

The Square and Compass

The Larmer Tree Festival (that’s where we met)


Going off the beaten track in Mallorca

Life – because it’s wonderful

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