The Portrait Booth in Action

The Portrait Booth in Action

The New Forest Portrait Booth is pretty quick to set, and can be running in 30 minutes though we prefer to give ourselves an hour so that nothing is rushed, and we have time to check and test before opening for photos.

It’s an open booth, so if you’ve never seen one, it’s not like the old-fashioned passport photo style booths that you see at railway stations and in post offices. No, ours is so much nicer!

We have a lovely big backdrop, approximately 2.3 metres wide by the same tall, and everyone can see that. The camera and printer are enclosed within a beautiful case, finished in solid oak and hamd-maker by furniture makers in Yorkshire. It’s just fabulous, and oozes luxury.

Prints are produced on the night, while you wait, and take just a little longer than most booths because we’ve set the printer to use the highest quality settings. Our standard wedding offer gives you two copies of every print, one for the guestbook and the other for your guests to take home with them as a souvenir of your wedding. And while one of us is looking after the booth, and suggesting poses, another of our colleagues is looking after the guest book, encouraging everyone to write their love (and protecting it from drinks too).

We’ve had lots of fun looking for lovely props too. No inflatable guitars, no feather boas shedding their stuff everywhere! No, we’ve found old hats and cameras in the vintage stores, and looked for those special quirky items that you just don’t see everywhere.

Though lots of people now are choosing to go down the no-props, let’s do a Kardashian look which is great, and we’re loving those. They tend to be just as much fun, but more creative and a little bit more elegant too.